Selasa, 22 April 2014

Ahok not have the heart to Buy Expensive Watches

Although the material could , Vice Governor of Jakarta pleaded not willing if have to pay expensive just to buy watches . Because of this , he claimed until recently only had an hour hand .

This he said while responding to Richard Mille watches used TNI Commander General Moeldoko . The clock prices , original , over USD 1 billion .

" Even my hours ( the price ) is not up to hundreds ( millions ) . Was not not able to , but do not have the heart . If USD 20 million is still OK, " said Basuki at City Hall on Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) .

According to the man who was familiarly called Ahok it , its watches today are branded Tag Heuer watches . The Swiss-made hours bought 8 years ago .

" I have a pretty one. Want to swim want, wear the same watches . Otherwise used , dead , so should goyangin not continue because battery life , " said the man who has several islands in the Pacific Islands .
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Watches are worn Moeldoko highlighted a number of media in Singapore earlier this week .
According to reports in the country , used watches Moeldoko rare and very expensive , the Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph " Black Kite " which cost over $ 1 billion.


Senin, 21 April 2014

Person Allegedly Kick Denpom Commission staff Kendari Because Rice Box

An employee of Kendari Mardin Commission in charge of logistics plenum recapitulation , allegedly molested by AA , unscrupulous Military Police Detachment ( military police ) Kendari , Southeast Sulawesi , and friends AA , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) . Alleged persecution only problem stems in lunch boxes .

Mardin said , the incident occurred around 19:00 pm in the 102 room hotel where actors rest Kubra . The hotel is also the venue for the plenary meeting recapitulation legislative elections in 2014 to the implementation of the Southeast Sulawesi .

" I handle the logistics right , one of which rice dos for my friends again KPU plenary vote count at this hotel . Rice I dos message along with the perpetrator , " said Mardin introduce the story about persecution . " I asked the hotel clerk , rice dos it to anyone , he is responsible for room 102 . I meet another officer to ensure that hotel because of pockets and own copy of dos the same color . "

Mardin claimed to follow the officer to the hotel room to the offender , also entered the room with its door open . There he asked nicely about the rice order . Having received confirmation that it is an order of rice dos actors , Mardin was admitted immediately left the room after apologizing .

" When I 'm going out , I was kicked from behind , turning my reply because I do not know if the offender is a military police member . Then I was attacked by an AA friend who beat the eye and part of my head , " said Mardin .

As a result of the incident , Mardin suffered a black eye and scratches on the head . He then reported the incident after knowing the perpetrator is the one member of the local military police . The victim knows the identity of the perpetrator of one of the hotel guests who recognized him .

When reported , the victim has no witness until finally at peace . " When I reported to the military police , the investigator asked the witness who saw I was persecuted . Currently it is quiet because the incident is still suspended plenary , no one , who knew only I , perpetrators , and perpetrators friend , " said Mardin .

Denagn reason had no witnesses , said Mardin , this case according to the officer who receives the report will be difficult to be processed . " We forgive each other , " he said at the site of the KPU plenary meeting of Kendari .
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Meanwhile , Colonel Kendari 143/Haluoleo Danrem Andi related Sumangerukka confirmed the incident claimed to have received the information . "We'll check ya soon . Thank you the information , " he told reporters on his cell phone .


South Korean ferry Karam , 64 People Killed , 238 Missing

At least 64 passengers were confirmed dead in ferry sinking incident in South Korea last week . A total of 238 people are still missing , divers continue down tidap ferry angle to find the victims .

Reported by CNN , Sunday, April 20, 2014 , dozens of bodies had been evacuated from the ship yesterday Sewol on Sunday morning . The bodies were brought by boat to the beach greeted shouts and sobs family .

The bodies were collected in Jindo to be identified . After that , they were taken to the funeral home . Not only families who can not stop crying , police were also seen guarding tears .
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Some families could not accept the reality of their relatives had been killed . " Wake up ! Please wake up ! " shouted one man .

More than 100 divers are still continuing the search in the ferry which sank in the Yellow Sea cold yesterday . A total of 35 aircraft and 214 ships were also lowered to help search .

Divers entering the ferry cafeteria where the students are suspected when the ship sank last week . Divers have difficulty combing admitted one by one room in the ship .
" It is difficult to determine the location when you get into it , because it was pitch black and you basically have to fumble when diving with a blueprint guided only by ferry , " said team leader divers , Dae Sik Hwang .

About 100 angry relatives who hold a long march toward the presidential Blue House official residence in Seoul . They want to protest against President Park Geun - hye . After walking for six hours , they were confronted by 200 police protest .

" Government is the killer . We want responsibility of those responsible why his orders are not clear and no one has done . Obvious that they are throsource: responsibility , " said Lee Woong - geun whose son Lee Jung -in , 17 , still has not been found .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

BKKBN West Sumatra Provide Help Making Thesis

National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) West Sumatra (West Sumatra) will provide support for the thesis-making students at the University of Andalas (Unand) Champaign in 2014.

"This grant is an invitation from BKKBN West Sumatra to facilitate students who wish to complete the final project with locations around the region of West Sumatra," said Rector Unand, Werry Darta Taifur, in Padang on Thursday.

He explained the purpose of this provision to increase the awareness of students, especially undergraduate level 1 to the problem of analysis of the impact of population on economic, social, cultural, environmental, labor, food security and others.

He also said the first requirement for students to get the help that pengatar by attaching a letter grade point average.

In addition, the title and theme of the thesis must be related to the impact of the population explosion to the plane of the economic, social, cultural, environmental, labor, food security, and other topics.

"Where the thesis has been approved by the supervisor of each student," he said.

If these documents are complete, he said, thesis students will be accommodated by the committee of the BKKBN to be selected. The selection results will be delivered directly through the dean of each faculty where students take shelter.

"The amount of aid received by the student Rp2 million range each person," he said.

Even so, he said, the amount of taxes that were passed still meet beneficiaries.

Furthermore he said, handing students receiving aid granted after completing a thesis in 2014.

It also must submit a thesis to the three West Sumatra provincial BKKBN Representatives must be received by the end of November.

He hoped that this facility can increase the confidence and spirit of the student to complete the task soon end.
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One student Unand Padang, Irwan (21) said very excited with the help of very helpful because the cost of completing the course.


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Galaxy S5 How Expensive yes , And Production Cost U.S. $ 3 Million

Samsung's flagship smartphone , the Galaxy S5 has begun to be marketed in Indonesia with a high enough price , Rp 8.5 million . This price tag makes the consumer wonder , what makes it so expensive ?

Analytical company IHS S5 dismantle components and reveal their cost of production . As quoted Recode , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , the most expensive component is used Samsung 5.1 -inch full HD screen material Super AMOLED unit price of around 63 U.S. dollars . The screen is 12 dollars cheaper than the components of the Galaxy S4 screen size of 5 inches .

From the IHS research , revealed the Samsung seeks more cost cuts in order Galaxy S5 profit margins can be higher than the S4 . DRAM and flash memory components used Galaxy S5 combined even if for only 33 dollars . see alsovitamin untuk burung )

" We saw some recycled components , which previously was also used in other Samsung devices , " said Andrew Rassweiler , an analyst with IHS . " There is no breakthrough or a new, more advanced components , Samsung just continue what is already there , " he added .

For sensor fingerprint scanner used Samsung , the price was also cheaper than the sensors used by Apple for its iPhone 5s . Fingerprint sensor used Samsung costs only 4 dollars , while that carried the iPhone reached 15 U.S. dollars .

Meanwhile , the biosensor chip used artificial Maxim Samsung to monitor its health parameters , adding the cost of production of 1.45 U.S. dollars .

According to IHS , the estimated price of all components used by the Galaxy S5 is 256 U.S. dollars ( approximately USD 3 million ) . This means that Samsung took a gross margin of USD 4.5 million or about 52 percent , assuming the price of the Galaxy S5 in Indonesia , which is USD 8.5 million .

If the total component and production costs incurred Samsung only Rp 3 million , why the selling price is very high ?
IHS said , price does not include costs for research and development incurred Samsung , software licensing , distribution costs , and the costs to be incurred pemsaran Samsung ....

After the release of the Google smart glasses Glass for the developers at the beginning of this year , Google on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) started to sell to the public . Suddenly Google Glass bestselling purchased by those who are curious about the capabilities of these smart sunglasses .

" I want to see how sophisticated the tool is and what can be done with it , " said Nate Gilbert , one of the buyers Glass who said that currently the company he worked for rival Google , as quoted by CNN ( 15/04/2014 ) .

The offer is made ​​Google through Explorer program , where shoppers can get the Google Glass through online transactions , so there is no queue in front of Google .

In a bid is valid for one day , Google membanderol Glass for 1500 U.S. dollars ( approximately USD 17 million ) , plus the bonus of a pair of glass lenses or frames .

Although considered quite expensive , but this should not discourage prospective purchasers Google 's smart glasses .

Google does not release how many smart glasses that have been sold , but on the official Google Plus page of Google Glass , Google said that the smart glasses with color frames Cotton ( white ) are sold out , leaving the frame with a choice of Charcoal color .

Delaying for improvement

While it was launched more than a year ago , but I kept putting off the sale of Google Glass . According to CNN , it is because technically , Glass is still in beta stage .

Google continues to develop Glass from time to time , such as updating hardware and revamped frame design , making it more friendly to .

The day before selling Glass online , Google has also announced it will release a software update , which will be available for download starting next week . The upgrade is intended to extend battery life and make it easy to update the software in the future .
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Video call feature also forced uninstalled Google of Glass , the feature article got a lot of complaints of poor quality , and the use of an uncomfortable experience .


Russian MiG 16 new reinforced

Russian Defense Ministry has signed a 470 million dollars contract with the corporation for the delivery of 16 MiG MiG - 29 fighter advanced SMT , the ministry said on Tuesday .

The company had previously confirmed the deal in an interview with RIA Novosti , but does not determine its value .

" The contract value , including ground support and test equipment , is worth more than 17 billion rubles .

" The contract is a strategic move to keep the light combat fleet combat readiness , " the defense ministry said in a statement .
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In the past year , the Russian Air Force has 28 fighter jets , a single-seat version of the upgraded MiG - 29 fighter aircraft capable SM weapons intelligent use of air - to - surface .

MiG - 29 SMT , developed in the first half of the 2000s , with additional features aircraft fuel tanks for extended range , radar - absorbing paint special , and can be equipped with supersonic anti- ship missiles .

The aircraft can carry out bombings while racing at night , as well as reconnaissance missions .

The Defense Ministry also plans to sign a contract for the delivery of MiG - 35s fighter jets 4 + + generation after 2016, with around 100 to be built in the near future , said a ministry spokesman told reporters Tuesday .

This step will help to optimize the ratio of light and heavy fighters in the Russian Air Force , the ministry said .